Payout Model

We have different types of business model such as CPL, CPA, CPS, CPT, etc so that it perfectly match your specific requirement.

Top Noche Support

Mathnix provide you a dedicated account manager who will be available 24/7 for your assistance. We value all of our publisher partnerships.

Real Time Tracking

Mathnix provides real time tracking options which allows to track the actions & conversions of the users and helps you to make your offer more profitable.

Premium EPC’s Offers

Mathnix have wide range of exclusive offers, direct as well as semidirect which are best converting with high EPC’s.

Global Coverage

We have worldwide coverage of more that 60+ countries targeting where you can monetize traffic and rapidly grow your revenue with us.

On Time Payments

Mathnix always pay to their trusted affiliates ontime depending upon the payment module. We pay at Net30, Net15, NET7 basis depending upon the offers.


We provide the Best solutions for Traffic Monetization

Mathnix offers you a team of professionals who are devoted to simple & quick monetization of your traffic. We present you wide range of stable Adcampaigns with the best payouts in the market offering you high epc’s through which you can skyrocket your earnings with best possible ways.

  • Quick access to exclusive & direct premium global offers.
  • Frequent payments & massive budgets on campaigns.
  • Daily Optimizations.


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